domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

Graphic Design (II)


Here once more! And again with a new graphic design. Last week I was inspired by sweet&bakery blog
Is an amazing place where you can find very good recipes, funny histories and good photographs. I'm hooked on to that blog!

My inspiration comes about this post and this sweet caramel apples:

sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Graphic Design (I)

Hi there!! I'm happy to show you my "new" skill. Some time ago I decided to improve learning more in graphic design field. Sincerely is not my hability to highlight, therefore I have been learning and to continue growing better.

I chosen a cut of the dialog of "The Pursuit of Hapiness" but in spanish. I constructed with this words a poster, using different kind of technics and shapes. It was helpful to learn!!

I made it in vectorial, to be able to resized as needed:

domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

Hair Dryer - Hand rendering

Hi there!!

How are you? I'm here again, remembering how is sketching and rendering with paper and markers... Really, I'm very excentric to do it again, because last design software and my computer with touchscreen give me wings to design easily whatever I want.