domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

Hair Dryer - Hand rendering

Hi there!!

How are you? I'm here again, remembering how is sketching and rendering with paper and markers... Really, I'm very excentric to do it again, because last design software and my computer with touchscreen give me wings to design easily whatever I want.

But, once I had finish yesterday with first part of study... I was very happy. Wow! What a great feelings! I don't know what was... if it was the sound on paper while I'm drawing, intrigue to err or vapours of Letraset's color markers ... Anyway I enjoyed it that a lot.

So, the following day I started again sketching on paper and rendering with markers again. And this is the result

This is a study, my second of hair dryers. I started an ideation of new concept. I was inspired in how to difficult is, sometimes, to dry your hair -well, not me, because I never use it, but my girl uses it everyday- yourself with actual designs, because some hand movements are unnatural.

The result is: a design as usually we can find (left-down-corner). To keep in mind classic shape. Other concept is like a torch, with a directionable air flow, Maybe more ergonomic and easy to use by yourself (right-side). But, the most original -for me- is the ball-hair-dryer. Well, to design it I set my hand in front of me. Firstly I tried to reproduce how is use a normal hair dryer, as a gun shape. Then, I checked that how difficult was... So I tried to find more conformable way... And for me, this is the result:

It's an internal scheme design. Soon, I'll do it in diferent colours more detailed.

Thanks for watch, comment and share!!!!

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