sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Graphic Design (I)

Hi there!! I'm happy to show you my "new" skill. Some time ago I decided to improve learning more in graphic design field. Sincerely is not my hability to highlight, therefore I have been learning and to continue growing better.

I chosen a cut of the dialog of "The Pursuit of Hapiness" but in spanish. I constructed with this words a poster, using different kind of technics and shapes. It was helpful to learn!!

I made it in vectorial, to be able to resized as needed:

The construction:

And the final result:

I hope you like it!!! :D

See you!!

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  1. Me encanta tete!!
    Buen trabajo para ser tu primeras toma de contacto!!

    A tope y a continuar!!
    Te quieroooooooo